The Alaska Behavioral Health Association is a statewide partnership of leaders from community mental health centers and substance abuse treatment providers. Directors from member organizations are updated on industry trends, initiatives, and opportunities. Working with our partners, the membership develops strategies to improve the behavioral health system in Alaska. Together, we help ensure a strong system capable of helping Alaskans live healthy, productive lives.

Benefits of Membership

  • Monthly Teleconferences keep members informed
  • Special alerts provide notice on changes that impact your organization

Strength in Numbers

Directors of behavioral health provider organizations are increasingly called upon to make difficult financial, legal, technological, and employment related decisions above and beyond their clinical responsibilities. In the extremely fast-paced environment of change we find ourselves in these days, it is helpful to confer with colleagues facing similar decisions. But change is not something simply to be endured. We are living during an exciting period of transformation. Together, we have the ability to actively shape and define the world in which we live.